Naeemah Joyce Jackson

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Naeemah Jackson
Naeemah Joyce Jackon
Family Programs Director

Favorite quote about peace:
“The old adage, ‘Survival of the Most Fit,’ is no longer applicable. Rather, it should be, ‘Survival of the Most Cooperative.'”
– Naeemah Jackson. I came up with this about ten years ago. It was featured in an article.

What I love about Peace Learning Center:
Putting feet to the ground and not just words in the air

Favorite moment at Peace Learning Center:
Being elected one of the founding board members and realizing it as an opportunity to work towards EFFECTIVE CHANGE.

Favorite thing to do outside of work:
Tend to my family. I am completing one novel and one screenplay. Love to read and travel. Peace and Love is easy to share. A smile, a nod of the head, a kind word. It is especially important for me to help our Elders whenever I can.