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When there’s conflict in your school or youth program, it affects more than just the children involved. It disrupts the entire group’s ability to learn and succeed. The Peace Learning Center offers comprehensive youth programs aimed at creating a positive cultural shift among teachers, parents and students. We bring about this change by teaching communication over conflict; self-awareness over snap decisions; and restorative practices over punitive discipline.

We educate children of all ages with programs on topics ranging from anti-racism and implicit bias to peer mediation and teambuilding. These programs can be taken individually, or in a series as part of our “One Indy” program. We can bring our programs to you or arrange field trips to our picturesque learning center in Indianapolis’s Eagle Creek Park. We also back these youth programs with workshops for professionals and parents.

Whether we’re working with preschoolers or high school students, our programs are designed to be interactive and fun. Our facilitators use games and activities to create memorable discussions and produce lasting results. We believe that to bring about real change, children have to be part of the solution — not just given a solution.

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