1. I love the work we do because if we do it right, it results in healthier, more loving school communities where kids are loved instead of marginalized and punished.  – Kristina Hulvershorn, Director of Restorative & Humane Programs
  2. I love PLC because it is a space where people are encouraged to slow down, reflect, and explore what peace means to them. – Frankie Keesee, Program Facilitator & Spanish Specialist
  3. I love PLC for MANY reasons, but on a personal level, the work I did with PLC as a new classroom teacher 8 years ago transformed my teaching and even my outlook in general. Now I get to work to help other teachers have access to the learning experiences and programs that impacted my life, like restorative practices and anti-racism trainings. – Madeline Mason, Board Member & Teacher
  4. I love Peace Learning Center because they are thoughtful in the work they do, helping us all learn the skills to create more inclusive and equitable environments. The amazing staff work with youth and adults to help us reflect and see our role in creating peace and justice in Indianapolis. – Vicki Rubio, Board Member & Program Director, Public Allies
  5. I am very excited to see the growing amount of evidence that the services provided by PLC have a significant impact on the population we serve. The feedback we consistently receive from our clients is that incorporating the skills we teach into their work and personal environments leads to less violence, improve relationships, and effective communication. We believe that recognizing and addressing the root cause of conflict leads to amazing results!” – Angie Ziliak, Director of Finance
  6. “I like that PLC is a positive force in the midst of so much confusion and negativity.” – Mel Arnold, Facebook Follower
  7. “Location, Manifestation, and Dedication.” – Jon Regas, Facebook Follower
  8. “The people.” – Kinsley Castro, Intern
  9. “I love PLC because the commitment to making this world a better, more equitable place for everyone is apparent the moment you meet our staff. Their compassion, kindness, generosity and dedication to serving our community is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes cruel and unjust world.” – Jessica Brand, Board Member & Emerald Street Creative
  10. “I love experiencing the powerful statements, bravery, and desire to take action in order to create a more equitable and loving city and world that our workshops and dialogues bring out of people of all ages! I love that I learn something new about being a human every day at PLC.” – Clare Wildhack-Nolan, Program Facilitator
  11. “I love the Peace Learning Center because we strive to be a warm, welcoming and inclusive community. Everyone belongs here and that is amazing. I love our mission and the values we believe in. I also love that we work collaboratively with various people, invested in their communities, by providing the awareness, the understanding and the tools they need to create and sustain stronger communities through positive and genuine relationships.” – Mame Keita, Program Facilitator
  12. “The Peace Learning Center is an active force creating peace through individual growth. People who participate in our work leave different, regardless of age.” – Roger Frick, Board Chair
  13. “Peace Learning Center has demonstrable impact on youth, and the community in general, through high impact training on peaceful techniques to implement in conflict resolution, and training programs designed to create greater awareness and understanding of each other. I have personally participated in programs and seen the dramatic impact Peace Learning Center and its volunteers have.” – Saul Helman, Board Member & Partner, Guidehouse
  14. YOU!