Peace Learning Center staff and board want to thank those who joined Team PLC during Round 1 of Brackets for Good. Whether you donated, shared our message, or just cheered us on from the sidelines we appreciate your contribution.

We hope that next year we will have the chance to compete again and we look forward to seeing who wins this year’s bracket!

A special thanks to these donors who helped us raise a total of $4,169 to support Peace Learning Center’s Youth Programs:

  • Jeffrey Day
  • Daniel G. Foote
  • Saul Helman
  • Grafton & Steve Balko
  • Paul Fulkerson
  • Rita Hulvershorn
  • Fred J. Nation
  • Tadas Viskanta
  • Peggy Meyer
  • Pamela J. Tibbot
  • Natalie Spriggs
  • Nick Ison
  • Sandra Porter Wortman
  • Amy L. Stewart
  • William Sweitzer
  • Skye Berger
  • Sara Talbert
  • Patricia Nguyen
  • James Taylor
  • Stacy Anderson Robinson
  • Jeff Kisling
  • Angie Ziliak