Pelican MailAs a Tribes trainer, I am continually amazed at how inspired teachers become after doing the TLC Basic training.  We are missing the big idea of “community and engagement” in our teacher training. Most teachers come knowing what to teach but not how to do it. Tribes is the best tried and true way to do! Trust the Process and watch what happens!

Judy Hyndman
Orangeville, Canada


Tribes completely turned my life around – not just the classroom approach, but also my attitude towards teaching, which was nudging me to resign. Our entire staff trained at the same time in 2004, and we instantly had a new and welcome culture in the school, which also affected the students in a positive way.

In the past ten years, many staff have come and gone, and Tribes is no longer deemed a priority in our school by our new principals. However, many teachers, like myself, swear by the Tribes effect. I know it contributes powerfully to my lively learning spaces!

Lynette McPeake
Chatham, Canada


Tribes is still working its magic here at the Carol Morgan School. I am one of 3 trainers who carry out an annual basic training of all new personnel. The Elementary school, in particular, has had a “shot in the arm” revival of Tribes after 13 years with the process. As an institution we are committed to the Tribes process because we have seen its effects in and on our overall community.

Brenda Villalona
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Finally, check out a couple of interesting blogs written by a Certified Tribes Trainer in Toronto. If you find the titles as intriguing as we do, you’ll love the blogs even more.

Diana Maliszewski
Toronto, Ontario, Canada