Peace Learning Center (PLC) works with many professional organizations throughout Indiana. We are proud to collaborate with our clients and create custom designed professional development programs to achieve very specific client objectives. Central to all of our custom offerings is the core Peace Learning Center belief that people can learn to live, work, and play more peacefully together through education.

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Case Study: United Way of Central IndianaThe United Way of Central Indiana case study features a professional development workshop series focused on diversity awareness and appreciation for staff at the United Way of Central Indiana.


Case Study Website The Irvington Community School case study provides an overview of a very successful youth program that drastically reduced student behavior referrals.


Westlake Case Study HeaderThe Westlake Elementary School case study demonstrates the impact of our professional development program for teachers and staff that led to new innovations to improve the way the team of professionals at Westlake work together to make their school even better for its students.



Case Study 4

The Gene B. Glick Company, Inc. case study demonstrates the impact of our community programs specifically designed for the residents and staff of several Glick owned properties that led to residents, staff and property managers to work together to create a more peaceful, inviting community.