Collaboration 4 Learning
A collective of like-minded and passionate agencies dedicated to inclusive and supportive environments for learning and change. It is our belief that children develop the “intrinsic” value of learning by experiencing social-emotional as well as academic learning. Students want to learn how to build positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and learn kindness and compassion to find meaning in their world. Here you will find several highly recommended programs of excellence that can help strengthen your learning community.

Indianapolis Public Schools
A primary partner in PLC activities for more than 15 years, the Indianapolis Public School (IPS) system is Indiana’s largest school district.

IndyParks & Recreation
Serving the residents of Indianapolis and its visitors year-round with a variety of recreation opportunities. Providing the amazing facility at Eagle Creek Park on the reservoir, IndyParks and the City of Indianapolis support PLC activities.

Eagle Creek Park Foundation
The Eagle Creek Park Foundation is a member based non-profit organization first established in 1978 by nine concerned citizens to provide volunteer and financial support to promote, preserve, protect and enhance Eagle Creek Park, the 10th largest municipally owned park in the country.  With the support of over 2000 current members, the Foundation has raised over $2 million in the last 12 years for projects in the park such as the construction of the Earth Discovery Center and the renovation of the old Nature Center into the new Ornithology Center.

Peace Through Yoga
Peace Through Yoga is a partner that provides yoga classes and retreats to the Indianapolis community at Peace Learning Center’s Eagle Creek Park facility.


Many thanks to those people and organizations in our community that make peace possible!

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