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7 02, 2017

Peace From the Eyes of Rose Voigt, Intern

Because I believe that conflict is inevitable, the meaning of peace and how to achieve it will always change with time. Peace means open and honest conversation is encouraged, and no one is silenced. Healthy mediation is in place, and nonviolent tactics are used to manage conflicts. Honest and respectful

30 01, 2017

Peace, From the Eyes of Lexie Brown, Intern

To me, Peace means the opportunity for genuine dialogue. As Martin Buber called it, the “I and Thou” moments. In those moments, there are no hidden agendas, no assumptions, and no judgments. There are only people coming together to talk and listen.  I think peace can be achieved through the

3 11, 2016

From the Intern

I love being at IUPUI because of the extra little somethings, exhibits, and events the campus hosts to promote the never-ending amounts of diversity we have pouring into Indianapolis. Today there was an Allies for Inclusion: The Ability Exhibit, emphasizing the inclusion for those who may be mentally or physically

17 10, 2016

Motivational Monday

Birthdays are the one day a year when it is socially acceptable to celebrate yourself. I think this is a good thing because some people probably need limits, however, I also think we each need to credit ourselves a little more.  I think we deserve more than one day a

27 09, 2016

From the Intern

I'm a college student.  And it's weird. Weird might not even be the right word.  It is sincerely overwhelming.  In 2016, everyone knows just about everything, or are aware of it.  Same gender love is alive and well, it's considered common knowledge to address someone by the gender he/she identify

15 09, 2016

From the Intern

Recently my lovely, kind-hearted boss married the love of her life.  Even more recently, I looked at the pictures from the celebration of love. Sitting in my lecture at 9am, I am entirely caught up in the photos of the brides.  I am in awe of their beauty and I

12 09, 2016

Motivational Monday

Think of the last time you communicated with someone.  What do you think of? A conversation with words, a phone call, or text? Communicating can be anything from a greeting to a wave, to simply listening. The tone of your voice can say more than your words.  When solving a

8 09, 2016

From the Intern

This past Labor Day, I took a trip out to the falls.  I misjudged the busyness of the falls, and when I arrived, the entire area was hosting quite the number of people. On this trip, I went alone.  The plan was to climb to the top of the fall and

10 08, 2016

Lego Listening

Leah: My role in Lego Listening was the listener. Sitting back to back with my partner, I had to listen to her describe what her lego creation looked like. No questions were to be asked by me, so I was completely in the dark. I could only rely on her descriptions

4 08, 2016

Climate Camp, Overview

Final Notes from Climate Camp 2016 Indianapolis, Ind. (July 30, 2016) – Earth Charter Indiana and its youth program, Youth Power Indiana, along with partner Peace Learning Center and HEART, collaborated once again on their annual weeklong Climate Camp, July 25-29. Youth are available for interviews upon request. Highlights of the

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