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15 01, 2019

Coming Soon, Everyday Circle Cards

What an exciting day! We just received some of our freshly designed Everyday Circle cards and we can’t wait to share them with the world! They are a brand new tool to help teachers who want to do this work but don't know where to start.  We have partnered

15 01, 2019

End-of-the-Year Thank You

Join us in thanking our end-of-the-year donors: Dr. James and Linda Trippi Jill Curtis Kristine Matel Robert Bringle Robert Nation Stacy Robinson Marilyn Smith David Mason Nancy Theoharis Nancy Lindhjem Patrick Cavanagh Christopher Murphy Anne Frye Erin Tanner Annie Christ Garcia Joanna Green Kathleen Cleary Saul Helman Andrew Pike

29 11, 2018

October Donor Thank You

Join us in thanking our October donors: Thomas Hulvershorn Judith Lauer Paul Nesting Alan M. Witchey Roger Frick Stacy Robinson Erin Tanner

24 10, 2018

Why Do our Volunteers Volunteer?

When asked, “Why do you volunteer?” people around the world will answer with different reasons.  Many find that by volunteering they discover a sense of purpose.  Doing good makes them feel good and connects them with their community.   Others will cite that it’s good for their career.  By volunteering,

17 09, 2018

August Donor Thank You

Join us in thanking our August donors: Michael & Kimberly Cline Diana Ensign Hawa Marshall Family Kayla Najera Stacy Robinson J. Nathan Sherlock Amy Stewart Erin Tanner Lara Young

17 09, 2018

Impact Story: Intersection of Equity and Restorative Practices

by Kristina Hulvershorn What does restorative practices have to do with equity?  In a word everything. I wanted to share a concept from our restorative practices trainings that might help clarify the connection. Every school and organization has boundaries.  Human beings need and thrive when we know the boundaries

28 08, 2018

Impact Story: You and I vs. Us and We

by Naeemah Jackson, Director of Family Programs These days, the word “tribalism” is front and center in our social discourse.  You and I can easily choose a tribe that defines our collective identity when we move from “I” and “Me” to “Us” and “We.”   So, who are we?  And

18 07, 2018

Impact Story: Peacebuilders Camp

by Mame Keita I did not know what I signed up for when I agreed to co-lead with Arianna, one of our amazing interns, a workshop on “Empower for Change” for Girls Rock. Girls Rock is a pretty amazing organization that works with girls age 9 to 16 and

16 07, 2018

June Donor Thank You

Join us in thanking our June donors: Bernard & Teresa Batto Jill Curtis David & Sabrina Falls R. J. Gibson Harriett Ivey Tricia O'Neil Amy Stewart Erin Tanner Dr. James & Linda Trippi

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