Be the change- hands on: a recent volunteer day to install our initiatives physical framework was a success. With three projects going on at the same time, seventeen individuals came and fell into offering a hand at their choice project. Before I knew it, 5 hours went by and we had made more progress than I imagined. A floor was painted, a mosaic was completed, and up-cycled wall paneling was placed. Every one was a delight to work with and eager to be of service. A lovely surprise- Cityoga’s, Neil McGuffog taught an impromptu yoga class which gave everyone an opportunity to mindfully stretch and nurture themselves. What an awesome way to break up a day of manual labor. I also wanted to send a special thanks to Leslie Stone and Alex Gaughan who donated their power tools and expertise.  Many thanks to all who were a part of be the change- hands on. So much love and creativity in one day makes for amazing ripple affects.

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Thank you Paul Miller for taking these photos.