18 04, 2018

How do we save the babies and the mothers?

by Naeemah Jackson, Family Programs Director Why are Black mothers and babies in the United States dying at more than double the rate of White mothers and babies?  The answer has everything to do with the lived experience of being a Black woman in America.  - Linda Villarosa, “Sunday New

20 03, 2018

Social Justice Leadership Camp

by Clare Wildhack-Nolan, Director of Social Justice Leadership Camp For the past 5 years, March has been the exciting time of year where I begin sharing with the community the opportunity for Indy teens to participate in Social Justice Leadership Camp.  It feels amazing to be able to offer

20 03, 2018

February Donor Thank You

Join us in thanking our February donors: Kathleen Cleary Anna Christ Garcia Joanna Green Cynthia D. McMillin Barbara Oberreich Stacy Robinson Jeanne M. Smucker Amy Stewart Erin Tanner

22 02, 2018

Safe Spaces in Community Programs

by John McShane, Community Programs Director I worked recently with the senior staff at an Indianapolis hospital on a team building and renewal workshop series. There were about 50 participants. This was our second meeting. In our first, we discussed assumptions and how they might feed into misunderstandings and

2 02, 2018

Inside Restorative Practices Training

Participants in Restorative Practices Workshops at Peace Learning Center are asked to dig deep and reflect honestly about how discipline is working (or not working) in their schools or organizations.  One dean comments, "It's a total culture change. Sure, I can keep these kids out for three days, but

23 01, 2018

End of Year Appeal Thank You

Join us in thanking our End-of-Year Appeal donors: Michael Goldfarb David Burr Dr. James and Linda Trippi Roderick Wheeler Nancy Lindhjem Katherine B. Marvell & Cornelius S. Martin William & Sarah Littlejohn Andrew J. Pike & Sharon D. Horvath R. J. Gibson Brian & Kenda Friend Karen L. Schneider

18 12, 2017

Guest Column: Passion Yoga School

It’s already December and Passion Yoga School has a lot of FREE gifts coming at you in the next months! Take a look at Adi Shakti’s blog posts today and tell us what you think.  Click the image below to get access to all the blog posts! Happy Holidays

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