Meet Margie Worrell

I currently work at United Way of Central Indiana as the Senior Manager of Basic Needs. Much of my day-to-day work is around a program that provides free volunteer tax assistance to families in our area. It is very rewarding work where I get to be around very caring people! My hobbies include hiking, hanging out with my two kids and my dog, and working in my yard – I love to be outdoors!

What is it about PLC’s work that appeals to you?

I think what appeals to me most is the way that PLC works to help people understand how to be connected to others in a peaceful and respectful way. Being a former first grade teacher, I have seen how young children are often able to act with compassion and love; and when they fall short of that, they are able to understand correction and alter their behavior. I am not sure why so many people seem to forget this skill as they grow older. I believe that if we can teach our young people how to act lovingly toward one another, they can change the world. And if we can teach their parents as well, we can make that change even more rapidly. THAT is what I see PLC doing for our community…teaching this lesson to both young and old(er) people!

What kind of work do you do with PLC?

I am currently working on the programs committee which is exciting for me. I am looking forward to learning more about the vision for the programs moving forward. I am also assisting with the planning for the 25th-anniversary event. I feel like PLC is really progressing in so many ways right now. It is an exciting time to be involved in the work.

Can you tell us a memorable experience or something you have learned during your time at PLC?

I have learned that it really takes a village to make a mission become a reality. I love our board because it is such a wonderful, diverse group of people who are all engaged in the mission of PLC. We all may come to the board with different experiences and skills, but we can provide value to the organization with what we have. That is an amazing thing to be a part of and to witness. I am blessed and honored to be a part of it.