Meet George Okantey

I am the president and principal consultant at GOT Performance Solutions LLC., a credentialed talent development consulting practice that focuses on experiential learning, empowerment, and transformation. We help individuals, teams, and organizations identify, surface, and resolve perceived or imagined difficulties productively and respectfully. I am an Indiana University Public Affairs graduate and Association for Talent Development Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD). I retired from Purdue University Extension after twenty-one years of service to launch my consulting practice. My customer segments include small businesses, community development agencies, HBCU’s, government and nonprofit agencies. I love to travel, explore, and discover. The last two years have not been that great for travel, so I have taken to walking, listening to audiobooks and favorite podcasts like Brene Brown’s “Dare to Lead” and Sam Harris’ “Making Sense.” I am married and have two adult children and three grandchildren.

What is it about PLC’s work that appeals to you?

I believe that life is worthwhile when there is friendship and harmony with everyone. These foundational human needs are interrupted by inequities, misunderstanding, disrespect, violence, hostility, and conflict. PLC focuses on teaching behavior constrain skills that help people relate and understand more, create psychological safety, and resolve disputes safely and respectfully. This work is challenging and appealing because of my life experience and as a true Libra dedicated to freedom, fairness, and justice.

What kind of work do you do with PLC?

I am the chair of the PLC Board of Directors. During my three years on the board, I have received good counsel from a prior chair and mentor, Roger Frick. He tapped me to conduct a “Strategic Doing” process with the board and staff about a year ago. During this period, we have updated our mission to align with the core work that we do. The staff has created work plans affiliated with goals and objectives, including key personal and organizational results. Four board committees were formed to advise, support, and advocate for the work of PLC staff. I have conducted staff/board training on “Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when stakes are high.” I participate in monthly executive and facilitate general board meetings.

Can you tell us a memorable experience or something you have learned during your time at PLC?

The Servant Leadership Learning group met at PLC for over ten years. The pictures of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi were a constant reminder of what it means to me to be a courageous servant leader. I have learned to be patient. Working with the PLC board and staff has taught me to be more patient. The “Strategic Doing” process engendered a few challenging conversations and persuasions. We have gradually built consensus with confident humility and patience and began to yield the fruits of intentionally modeling and practicing the inclusive, antiracist, and accountability values that drive and sustain our organization.