Social emotional learning isn’t just for classrooms…

Peace Learning Circles is a social emotional learning program that is based on the Tribes Learning Communities framework that’s been around for several decades. We’ve kept the amazing foundational elements of the process, but have revised and replaced content that may no longer reflect best practices. We’ve also intentionally created a series of workshops that specifically meets the needs of youth workers and community organizations, as opposed to offering content only geared towards classroom educators.

In our implementation courses, you can expect a series of four modules with a variety of activities that will foster professional growth and learning.

Course Schedules

Course Objectives

  • Participants will walk away with a better understanding of social emotional learning as it is defined by CASEL, and how the Peace Learning Circles (PLC) process aligns with CASEL standards.

  • Participants will discover how Peace Learning Circles supports the development of social-emotional skills such as conflict resolution, effective communication, responsible decision making, and social awareness.

  • Participants will learn how PLC strategies can be used to create and maintain inclusive communities.

  • Participants will learn how the process facilitates the creation and continued use of authentic and challenging learning experiences.

  • Participants will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, resources, and support to implement Peace Learning Circles in their own setting.

  • Participants will understand the benefits of using semi-permanent small groups (Circles) within their larger communities, and will learn how to effectively build Circles within their own setting.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to experience a number of PLC strategies firsthand, and be given time to develop curriculum, plan to use strategies, and practice facilitating strategies throughout the course.

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