Meet Sara Heiliger

I have my master’s degree in social work and a passion for working towards equity in our community. When not engaged in equity work, I find my comfort and renewal in the outdoors in both working the soil and backpacking. As much as my time allows, I section hike long trails for days and sleep in my hammock along the way.

What is it about PLC’s work that appeals to you?

PLC’s mission speaks to my soul as I am dedicated to seeking outcomes that make a difference in the lives of people in our community. Working towards peace, equity, and justice needs to lead to outcomes beyond just an increased understanding and awareness but to real measurable improvements in the lives we serve and those around them. Discovering ways to demonstrate real, measurable, and consistent improvement is what drives me.

What kind of work do you do with PLC?

At PLC I have enjoyed the opportunity to facilitate equity workshops and work reimagining new program offerings. This has allowed me to put on a social innovation lens and explore what is possible.

Can you tell us a memorable experience or something you have learned during your time at PLC?

I am honored to be able to watch the PLC staff do what they do best. I am grateful for this opportunity that allows me space to listen, learn, and grow.