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Google Workspace

Internal Professional Development Series

Module 1: Google Workspace Basics

Open from now through April 1st.
Must be completed in order.

Lesson 1: Preparing to Transition

  • From Microsoft to Google
  • Reflection #1
  • Setting Up Your Virtual Workspace
  • Check for Understanding #1
  • Transferring Files
  • Preparing Your Inbox and Calendar
  • Check for Understanding #2

Lesson 2: Using Google Drive

  • Upload and store files in Drive
  • Access your files in Drive
  • Apply Your Learning #1
  • View and update files in Drive
  • Apply Your Learning #2
  • Organize and search in Drive
  • Apply Your Learning #3
  • Shared Drives vs. My Drive
  • Check for Understanding #3
  • Moving and Managing Files on a Shared Drive
  • Sharing Files
  • Reflection #2

Lesson 3: Extension (Optional)

  • Using the G Suite on Mobile Devices
  • Google Drive for Desktops
  • Google Workspace Keyboard Shortcuts

Module 2: Using Specific Google Programs

Available beginning March 1st.

Lesson 1: Gmail (Google Email)

Lesson 2: Google Calendar

Lesson 3: Google Meet

Lesson 4: Google Docs

Lesson 5: Google Slides

Lesson 6: Google Sheets