What is included in an Energizing Indiana home energy assessment?

Energizing Indiana’s energy advisors will not only show you ways to save energy by making your home more efficient; they’ll even install an energy savings kit to help you start saving energy right away.

Your energy advisor will install the following measure for you:
•    Efficient CFLs replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs
•    Energy efficient faucet aerators
•    Energy efficient showerhead(s)
•    Water heater pipe insulation

Once your home’s energy assessment is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing what can be done to start saving energy and make your home more comfortable.

Energizing Indiana programs are funded by utility rates and there are no separate fees to participate.

What does our nonprofit organization receive?

For every supporter who completes a home energy assessment, Energizing Indiana will donate $25 to our nonprofit organization.

Click here to schedule your assessment!

Be sure to share this information with family and friends, encouraging them to participate and raise funds for Peace Learning Center, too.