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Why You Want It:

The Circles Basic Online Course provides an opportunity for professional development where time, location, and/or funding is limited.  Administrative and teaching staff will have an interactive online opportunity to experience authentic strategies to:

  • Develop a positive learning environment in the classroom and school
  • Teach students specific collaborative skills for social development
  • Establish the Circles agreements for a new pattern of interaction
  • Ask a variety of reflection questions to increase learning
  • Apply knowledge of the stages of group development to select appropriate cooperative learning strategies
  • Initiate faculty groups for planning, peer coaching and support

How It Works:


The course is designed to engage participants in two interactive platforms; one requires posting written responses on a private class forum page, pertaining to reading and video assignments.  The other is a virtual classroom where participants can experience the group development process, various cooperative learning strategies, and reflective practice.

The text, Reaching All by Creating Tribes Learning Communities  by Jeanne Gibbs (click here for description) is required reading and course reading assignments will be specific topic pages.

In order to receive credit and/or certification for completion of this course, attendance at online class meetings is mandatory and all assignments must be completed within a specified time frame.

You will need an internet connection (high speed) that will enable you to download video or access YouTube and other media sites.  Be familiar with PowerPoint and creating presentations. Audio and video (web cam or camera and microphone) capabilities on your computer are essential.

There are several courses scheduled for the upcoming year (see below). Some courses are designed for a more intensive 2-week duration, while others are facilitated over an 8-week period. The content is the same for either duration.

Four Day Course –

This is available for any group of 12 – 25, usually a staff that has the time set aside.  The course is completed over 4 days, from 9 am – 3 pm local time, with a two-hour Zoom in the morning, then a 2-hour break for lunch and study time, and a two-hour Zoom class in the afternoon.  The four-day course can be consecutive days or spread out over a period of up to 2 months.  It is recommended that the first two days are consecutive and the last two days can have 2-3 weeks in between for implementation and application.  If you are interested in the four-day version of the course, contact jhoran@peacelearningcenter.org with preferred dates and we will schedule your course.

Two Week Course-

This will be an intense (but lively) two weeks, with 10 hours commitment to online participation in the virtual classroom and 20 hours dedicated to independent learning assignments that will be posted in a private interactive online forum.  Have the whole Tribes experience in a timely fashion.  Two weeks and done!

Two Month Course-

This less intensive course (over 8 weeks, instead of two weeks) will engage participants in the Circles process as the school year progresses, thereby enhancing the learning community while experiencing the group development process.

It is designed so that participants will spend 2.75 hours with assignments and 1 hour online each week. If you cannot commit to 3.75 hours per week of dedicated reading, writing, and reflecting…this course is not for you.

Class Schedule and Links:

Students will be sent the “Class” URL link. These “student only” web pages contain your assignments, and a link to the class forum page where you will post your weekly assignments, comments and other interactions with the instructor.  Prior to the beginning of the course, you will receive instructions and links for the online classroom, preliminaries, and support.  It is essential that you complete your set-up prior to the first online class meeting.

You have a choice to complete assignment in the forum, in writing, or you can attend the Zoom Discussion Meetings to complete assignments in person.

Class Zoom meetings are mandatory for all to attend.

Essentially, you have a choice to attend four online meetings and post assignments in the forum


Attend eight online meetings

Dates for upcoming courses are as follows:


FEBRUARY 2021 SESSION ( 2 month course)

Feb 4 – Class 1 & 2 Forum assignments posted

Feb 9 – Class 1 & 2 Zoom Discussion Meeting [4 – 6pm Pacific Time]

Feb 16 – Class 1 & 2 Zoom meeting.  [4 – 6pm Pacific Time]; Class 3 & 4 Forum assignments posted

March 2 – Class 3 & 4  Zoom Discussion Meeting [4 – 6pm Pacific Time]

March 10 – Class 3 & 4 Zoom meeting.  [4 – 6pm Pacific Time]; Class 5 & 6 Forum assignments posted.

March 23 – Class 5 & 6  Zoom Discussion Meeting [4 – 6pm Pacific Time]

March 25 – Class 5 & 6 Zoom meeting.  [4 – 6pm Pacific Time]; Class 7 & 8 Forum assignments posted.

March 29 – Class 7 & 8  Zoom Discussion Meeting [4 – 6pm Pacific Time]

April 1 – Class 7 & 8 Zoom meeting.  [4 – 6pm Pacific Time]

Be sure to convert this to your time zone, so you will know if you can make this time



  1. Click here for online registration to participate in the Circles Basic Online Course. You will receive a Certificate from CenterSource upon completion of the course.

*Additionally, you will also need a copy of the book titled “Reaching All by Creating Tribes Learning Communities” by Jeanne Gibbs. This may be purchased directly from the Tribes.com bookstore, our Canadian Distributor-Tribes Resources in Canada, or our Australian Distributor-ACER.


February 4, 2021 @ 8:00 am
April 1, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
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