The Awful Truths About Conflict and How to Handle Them Competently

Peace Learning Center 6040 DeLong Road, Indianapolis, IN

Conflict competence is the ability to develop self-awareness of your current attitudes and responses to conflict and then gain a broad understanding of the dynamics of conflict. Conflict is inevitable for leaders. It exists at the root of some of their best ideas and at the core of many of their worst failures. Conflict is bound to occur in the workplace, so it is wise to equip yourself with the skills to deal with it. In this workshop, you will learn how you respond to conflict and the contentious tactics you tend to use with your conflict partner. In addition to video scenarios, participants will recall a recent conflict situation, role-play, and practice three conflict resolution skills. You will understand your emotional responses to conflict and learn three skills to regulate and maintain emotional balance. Furthermore, you will learn to engage in conflict constructively by understanding others’ perspectives and collaborating to achieve solutions and build positive relationships. Improving your conflict competence is about reducing harm and focusing on the good things that result. The workshop will end with a conflict capacity exercise and a commitment to new behaviors that transform conflict.   Presented by George Okantey, CPTD® GOT Performance Solutions, LLC   Friday Dec 9, 2022 ⋅ 10am – 1pm (Eastern Time - Indianapolis)   Location Peace Learning Center, 6040 Delong Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254, USA   $125 per person - includes conflict style analysis and materials for follow up   […]

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