Hello everyone. My name is Helmi Khosyi and I am one of two communications interns for the summer.

I am currently a senior at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) studying psychology. I have a strong interest in nonprofit work. My interest stems from my family who has always emphasized putting the community first. I believe in the idea of a collectivistic community and Peace Learning Center encapsulate this idea by teaching young students to professionals about conflict resolution techniques, teaching effective communication skills and many other programs that are offered to the community.

I learned about Peace Learning Center (PLC) during a Nonprofit Expo at IUPUI. I was with my friend and we came across the PLC table when we first walked in. We talked with Jay (Director of Engagement) and Tiffany (Director of Operations) who taught us that interning at PLC would be time spent working with kids at Eagle Creek. Personally, I was looking for an internship that I wanted to better the community and work with a diverse group of people. After learning more about PLC, the same day I chatted with Jay and Tiffany, I sent in my resume and thankfully received the light of day to come intern here.

During my time here I look forward to helping make a change and learn more about the ins-and-outs of nonprofit work. I anticipate this summer to be exciting and eventful. Peace Learning Center is an organization, from what I have seen, full of passionate staff wanting to make a change for the better. With my time here, I can only hope to be as passionate and committed as the staff here and hope by the end of my internship to have played an integral role in furthering this organization’s mission.