by Kristina Hulvershorn, Director of Restorative and Humane Learning

A rabbit in my neighborhood lost one of her babies this spring.  I’ll spare you the details, but I grew connected and began looking for her, wondering how she is coping.  She carried on and I see her most evenings, continuing to do what she needs to do to survive.  She’s not the only one. My gratitude abounds for all of those around me who keep pushing and keep trying, despite the pain and stress of the world, so I want to take a moment to appreciate those who continue carrying on, despite everything.  

Without a break or a pause, parents put on a brave face every day and try to give their children what they need, keeping their fear and pain like a secret.  

Teachers, who have the weight of the world on their shoulders with very little support.  They are pulling from wells that may be dry but continue to show up for the children who need them.

Even a pandemic couldn’t dampen the light of the activists who continue to speak up for Black Lives, against Line 3, and all of those who continue to stand up for love, compassion, and justice.  

Despite relentlessly difficult conditions, health care workers continue to show up for their patients. 

Artists who keep creating and keep the rest of us inspired, connected, and sometimes laughing.  

Janitors, scientists, writers, grocery store employees, postal carriers, and laborers of all kinds, continue on, helping reinforce the fabric of our community.

All of the people who have experienced loss continue on, despite experiencing depths of pain many of us can’t even fathom. Surrounding them are others who try to help them through. 

These birds, they keep singing.  And this rabbit, keeps on, too.  All of it pierces the darkness to let a little light through.  As we acknowledge that so much around us seems to be crumbling, let’s, too, acknowledge that change is possible. Better days can still be ahead, if we are willing to persist and bravely build a world that can work for all.