Synonyms for “mirror” – echo, emulate, signify, represent, reflect.

It’s that last one that should trigger a familiar response.  And the question becomes, “(What) have you reflected (upon) lately?”

As a Tribes TLC educator, you know the value and significance of reflection on learning.  You intend and/or do it often in your teaching…for your students.  But do you do it for yourself?

Three simple questions could change your attitude, approach, and attention to learning, vs. teaching.

Who (how) did I truly include/influence today?

What do I want more (or less) of in my classroom?

What essential element of Tribes TLC needs attention?  (agreements, reflection, group development)

While the questions may be simple, the answers probably aren’t.  That’s why we have a forum – to share common questions as well as suggestions and success stories.  If you don’t have a moment to sit down and attend to the forum, then submit a comment at the bottom of the page and shoot us your question or ideas.

We ARE here to help and connect.

P.S. – A last, but not least, question:  What do I love about my job?  That one should be easy to answer?!