Clayton M. Christensen’s latest book, Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation will Change the way the World Learns, will give you validation that what we do with the Tribes TLC process is innovative and appropriate for learning in the 21st century…and it will challenge you to look at educational practice and opportunity….now, more than ever.

Among the many valid points made by Mr. Christensen and his co-authors, here are a few that stood out for me:

The big reason that US students are out-performed and out-scored on testing for achievement?  Motivation.  One of the many reasons that students in the US lack motivation?  Education doesn’t “reach all learners”.  One of the many reasons why?  Multiple Intelligences aren’t utilized in many learning environments.  One of the many ways to reach all learners and incorporate some Multiple Intelligence theory in teaching?  Individualized instruction.  And how might this be accomplished?  Technology…and the author is NOT about the countless computer labs, carts, and dollars spent for technology in schools that goes either unused or misused, potentially.  He advocates for online courses available at, and during, school – and not just for high school.

Motivation, Multiple Intelligence theory, individualized instruction, technology…and the Tribes TLC process; all are, to some degree, a “disruptive innovation”.  They present a challenge, a new way of doing business; they require training, education, planning.  They cannot be ignored; they might just make sense, even though they have yet to “be proven” or “guaranteed”.

Think about it.  The Tribes TLC process is a “disruptive innovation”!  It challenges an existing culture to change; it encourages teachers to be facilitators, to develop student-centered learning experiences.  It introduces and expects positive behavior, responsibility, and respect.

You can order your copy of this outstanding book from the Tribes online bookstore!