It sounded like a good idea to have some support for homework…especially for students who need help getting it done. But doing it quietly…for an hour…after school? Hmmmm.
Here are some ways to make that hour more productive, and pass by without too much incident:

*Begin with a question or statement on the board, or posted somewhere. Have students think about a possible response.

*After 10-15 minutes, stop everything and have some talk/discussion time – either in pairs, groups, or in community circle. Allow no more than 7 minutes for this – keep track of time and students will quickly learn to use it wisely. Then back to homework

*Another 12 – 17 minutes of homework time and then stop the action again. At this point you can resume the discussion, or choose an energizer. Here are some quick or “to be continued” kinds of energizers: (if you keep a list as you use, then you can have students choose)
Slip Game – think up some fun and interesting questions for students to choose from a bag – pull out a “slip” and answer it
Two truths and a lie – have students write about themselves, and read a few each day (if you make this a “homework” assignment and get
some parent help, the two truths and a lie can be very clever and tricky!
Peer Response Huddle – ask current event questions and incorporate homework topics
Three Ball Pass – all sorts of ways
I like my neighbor – students eventually write the questions.
(Use the Tribes energizer box, as well – you can order it from the store page)
Take no more than 11 minutes for this, whatever energizer or topic you choose

*You are now up to a remaining 11 – 15 minutes left – doable?!

All of the above are in any Tribes TLC book – if you need more information – just ask here in the forum.