I am encouraged by the kindness received from the community of Indianapolis in helping lay the framework for be the change. I have found that if you ask for help it will come, and then some. Thanks to The Floor Trader off of 86th Street, we are creating a tile mosaic with our newly designed be the change.

These little steps and connections are  a making for a worthwhile journey.

Local artist Paul Bryan Miller, is in the process of designing some chandeliers to illuminate be the change. Also a collector, Paul uses materials to turn into functional pieces of art. He has offered to let us watch the progress of his work- it will cause a ripple of inspiration. Take a look at the  fusion of re-use, design, and functionality he is creating for be the change. A lovely example of what could have been waste is now going to bring light.

Again, reach out if you want to be involved. lbutler@peacelearningcenter.org