You’re Invited to the Indy 76 Leadership Team’s Community Service Project at PLC!

When:    Sat., July 12, and Sun., July 13 from 12-7 pm each day
   Peace Learning Center, 6040 DeLong Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254

A group of volunteers from  Indy 76 leadership team will be completing a service projects to benefit Peace Learning Center. They are in need of additional volunteers who can contribute their time and bring supplies necessary to support the renovation of Peace Learning Center! Learn more about their project by clicking here.

If you are unable to contribute your time and bring materials, but would still like to contribute to their efforts, please click on their Indie GoGo campaign link to make a secure monetary donation:

Please contact the group’s Volunteer Coordinator Kristi Vigliaturo ( for more information or to register to volunteer. Park passes can be made available free of charge for all confirmed volunteers.

Check-out the list below to learn more about the materials and support needed each day!
July 12-13th: Phase 2 – Building repair and Landscaping (Planting/Mulching)
Please bring tools supportive of one of the following projects:

• wheelbarrows
• pitch forks (to spread mulch)
• painting tools: – brushes (various sizes and small for detailed work)
• ladders
• masking tapes 12 pcs
• rollers + extension pole for rollers (some broom handles might work)
• roller pans
• small buckets for paint
• plastic drop clothes 6 pcs (or any drop clothes)
• putty knives 5 pcs (small ones for caulking windows)

We’re accepting donations towards the purchase of the above items, although we expect we will have many volunteers arriving with necessary supplies.

If you are someone who can support us in donating additional materials to support this effort, please let us know! We are interested in the following donations:
* Mulch
* Wood
* Fountain
* Paint: Exterior Paint, Wood primer paint, Matte finish paint, spray paint
* Installation & Spraying foam installation
* Carpeting
* Bamboo/Cork flooring
* Lighting

Thank you for your help in making our world a better place!