IPS 56  photo by Maureen Gilmer, Indy Star

IPS 56 photo by Maureen Gilmer, Indy Star

IPS students learn how to raise their kindness quotient

Indianapolis Star, Sept. 14 by Maureen C. Gilmer
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Peace Learning Center in Eagle Creek Park teaches lessons in conflict resolution, compassion, and anti-bullying.
It isn’t very often that a news article perfectly describes what we do at Peace Learning Center AND why we do it. That’s why we are excited to share this recent Indianapolis Star article with all of you. 
It showcases many of the critical components in our programs which we developed during the last 18 years based on research-based best practices and our own experience teaching people of all ages how to resolve conflicts without violence, maintain healthy relationships, and communicate well with others. 
This article also demonstrates the range of audiences we serve – preschool children, k-5th grade students, teenagers, families, teachers, organizations, and corporations. 
Finally, it describes how through our new One Indy initiative we are bringing the best of everything we have to offer to schools serving students who face tremendous challenges in their lives – students who deserve peaceful, supportive communities that help them achieve success in the classroom and throughout their lives.
This is our city, these are our children. We are calling this initiative One Indy because it means we care about each other and we are working together to create a better future for all children in our community.
We invite you to join us this school year by sharing the best of what you have to offer, no matter how small or unusual it may seem, to make a real, lasting difference for children and youth in our community. 
Be sure to check our One Indy web page for updates about the initiative. And be sure to give your local school a call to see what you can do to support the students they serve.
Written by Tim Nation, Executive Director and Co-founder of Peace Learning Center.