Many times, people get too caught up in trying to save everyone by donating to as many organizations as possible or volunteering every chance they get.  This is admirable, no doubt, but people often become discouraged by the lack of results.  On larger scales, like world hunger, it’s improbable to see an immediate change.

It’s easy to forget it’s not about how big the impact you make is, but it’s about the people you impact.  It’s not a matter of quantity.  Look at the small circle of people  you interact with.  Maybe they are not in a severe conditions, but you still inspire those around you.  Whether you know it or not, you are probably looked up to.  Changing the world can be as simple as leading by example for the person standing beside you.  Changing the world can be as simple as going out of your way to hold the door for the person in front of you.  Changing the world can be as simple as feeding good energy into a conversation currently controlled by anger.

Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  He wanted peaceful protests, not violence; he exemplified that to the very end.

When we lead by example, we end up putting a little good back into the world at the same time.  In my own heart, I want to help people, I want people to know they are loved, I want people to know they are not alone.  I don’t mind going out of my way to do this.  In life, we are all on the same team.  We are all human; there is no reason for us to go it alone.  The other day I was swooping some fast food, and I saw a guy standing on the median on Michigan Road.  I snagged an extra meal, ran it out to him then headed off downtown.  Later that week while at my retail job, a man came in.  He said, “I recognize you, you gave a stranger food earlier this week, didn’t you?”   I nodded, and he replied, “Thank you.  Thank you for reminding of the good, and reminding me a little goes a long way. I saw your kindness and passed it on.  You inspired me.”

I like to think I’m an invisible little elf when I do little things for others.  This man acknowledging my actions brought to my attention how much our kind acts–even small ones–can quickly start a domino effect.  Be an example, give a little love to those around you, inspire yourself and others.  Together, one by one, we can all inject a lot of love and kindness into our world.