One Indy Goals & Objectives

One Indy Goals & Objectives 2015-04-22T17:34:29+00:00

one indy goals infographic

One Indy Goals:

  • Foster improved police/public safety and community relationships
  • Increase opportunities for parents, youth and community to learn conflict resolution skills
  • Enhance collaboration between schools, parks, community centers and faith based institutions


Proposed Project Outcomes:

  • 75% of students served will demonstrate an improvement in at least three of their conflict resolution skills.
  • School administrators at the nine targeted elementary schools will report a 50% reduction in fights, bullying and other disciplinary actions in the school.
  • School reports at the nine targeted elementary schools will indicate at least a 50% reduction in the number of students who are suspended and expelled.
  • 75% of the parents, teachers, and community stakeholders who participate in the program will report an improvement in positive connections between the school and community.