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What is One Indy?

Through the One Indy project Peace Learning Center’s goal is to make a measurable impact in our community– one that will help Indianapolis’ most vulnerable children and youth.

One Indy is a long-term education initiative led by Peace Learning Center, in partnership with the Dept. of Public Safety and Indianapolis Public Schools, to serve elementary school students, parents, and teachers at schools that serve six focus neighborhoods. These neighborhoods were identified by the Public Safety Dept. as areas in Indianapolis with the highest incidents of crime, code violations and city interventions.

Children who live in Indy’s six focus neighborhoods are six times more likely to be victims of crimes than children who live in any other neighborhood in our city. The resulting psychological stresses caused by this increased exposure to violence leads to academic challenges, disruptive behaviors, and lifelong challenges which perpetuate cycles of poverty and violence.

Oftentimes, parents of these children feel disconnected from their children’s schools due to negative interactions with these institutions in their past. To create a better, more productive, and safer community for all of us to enjoy, we need to start as early as possible to help our city’s most vulnerable children by creating peaceful, supportive neighborhoods and schools.

Click here to see the  list of schools to be served through One Indy and learn more about each one.

Peace Learning Center’s One Indy project is aligned with Indianapolis’ Department of Public Safety’s Focus Areas Initiative. Click here to learn more about the Department of Public Safety’s initiative or click here to download a pdf  with maps and data about the six focus areas.

Click here to learn more about why there is great need for the One Indy initiative. 

Click here to download a one page information sheet about One Indy.

One Indy Goals:

  • Foster improved police/public safety and community relationships
  • Increase opportunities for parents, youth and community to learn conflict resolution skills
  • Enhance collaboration between schools, parks, community centers and faith based institutions

Click here to learn more about the goals and objectives of the initiative.

One Indy Action Steps:

  • Create youth and police dialogues in middle and high schools
  • Inspire children and youth to make peaceful choices by giving them hope for the future.
  • Help parents, teachers, law enforcement, and the community develop strong connections and a shared set of values to join together in raising a generation of peacemakers.
  • Provide positive and rewarding early school experiences for students and their families in the six Indianapolis neighborhoods.
  • Create safe places for people of all ages to share their thoughts and concerns with public safety personnel to help them develop real relationships to work together to solve critical community challenges while teaching conflict resolution skills.

Click here to download a list of Family Workshops that will be offered throughout the year at each One Indy school partner.

Media Coverage about One Indy:

One Indy Committee:

A group of Indianapolis leaders who are dedicated to bringing valuable resources and support to children and youth who need them the most.

Scott E. Grotjan – President and managing member of KSM Profit Advisors, LLC, part of the Katz, Sapper & Miller Network and member of the IPS Foundation Board

Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow – Senior Lecturer of Management at Kelley School of Business

Kelly Bentley – Commissioner on IPS Board of School Commissioners

Judge David Dreyer – Marion County Superior Court

Troy Riggs – Director of Public Safety

Matthew Hayes – Retired President of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

Peggy Meyer – Board Member at Peace Learning Center and founder of First Years Family Center

Sam Odle – Commissioner on IPS Board of School Commissioners

Derrin Slack – Founder of Pro(Act) Community Partnerships

Matthew Burnett – Vice President and Financial Advisor at City Securities Corporation

Linda Commons – Retired Indiana Department of Corrections Superintendent