And 7 Things You Should Always Say to Family

Today, right now – all families face challenges that can and do put terrific strains on establishing and maintaining harmony and peace.

That is why we decided to offer PLC multi-family workshops throughout the year at each of our One Indy partner schools. Through all PLC family workshops, we help families understand how to grow and nurture the love that binds them.

These interactive, non-threatening, and non-judgmental workshops start by focusing on the positive qualities in each family and highlight the unique gifts each family member adds to their small community. The goal is to help families understand they are working to make what is good even better.

Then, the workshops continue the process of creating stronger families by gently peeling back the layers of – sometimes unnoticed – reasons for the breakdown in communication. Everyone is held accountable.

Click here to download a list of Family Workshops that will be offered to families of students at each of our One Indy schools. This year’s One Indy schools are IPS #15, #39, #51, and #58.

As you can tell, we believe most families already have everything they need to make their family even stronger. Our workshops are designed to help them rediscover what it is they love about each other. If you’d like to try this in your own family, you might want to start with this…

Seven Things You Should Always Say to Family:
1. I love you.
2. Thank you.
3. I could use your help.
4. I love to watch you play. (or do whatever you love to do)
5. I was wrong
6. I’ve never told you that…(give compliment)
7. You made my day!

Click here to read the Huffington Post article to learn more.

Interested in learning more about PLC Family Programs? Email Naeemah Jackson, Family Programs Director at or call her at 317.327.7144.