I have been a Certified Tribes TLC® Trainer since 2002. In the last three years, I have been introduced to a three tier intervention system for behavior and academics; Positive Behavior Interventions Support (PBIS) and Response to Interventions (RtI). As I look at what Tribes implements and compare it to the framework of PBIS/RtI, I fully believe and endorse the Universal Tribes TLC® Process as the beginning point for any and all positive school change.

In the 24 years I have been in education, I have not come across a curriculum, process or framework that takes into consideration the “Whole Child Development” and then puts it into a training process that actually has educators experience Tribes Learning Communities.

Tribes starts at the beginning of all basic human needs by building an environment where all feel safe, valued and a have a sense of belonging. From there the Tribes TLC® Process builds in expected behaviors and then bridges over into best practices for teaching and learning.

Once the Tribes Process is implemented and developed, a school can train in and implement the PBIS/RtI framework to give deeper meaning to Tribes by going beyond the Universal practices into interventions for the students who need them both academically and behaviorally.

In summary, Tribes is a process that implements research based best practices for “Whole Child Development”; PBIS/RtI is the framework that drills deeper into making a school’s system, practices and data collection more effective.

Submitted by Christine Kleiman, CESA 7 Safe and Healthy Schools Director, Certified Tribes Trainer, PBIS External Coach, SWIS trainer.

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