When I think of peace, I think of everyone in a community working together.  One person can make a change, but together as a team, we can make a world of a change.

I chose to work with the Peace Learning Center because of all the great things I heard about them. The Peace Learning Center is definitely one of the kind. During one of my first few events here, I realized the large impact I could have on a single child’s life in such a short amount of time. When a child feels comfortable in a setting like the Peace Learning Center, it’s incredible how much they can open up to the group. On my first day at the Peace learning Center I was playing a game with a group who had just arrived, and something just clicked between a little girl and I. She was super shy at first, but between our fun interactions and my peace training, she felt I was someone she could trust and she was by my side the whole day. At the end of the day she gave me the warmest, sweetest hug before she left.

The one-on-one experience I had with this one child reminded how much of a change a single person can make. When I think of the great impact I had on this girl, I think of the even bigger impact our group has on all of the groups coming through our camps throughout the summer. It reminds me of how so much is possible, how so much peace is achievable, and how big of an impact we can all make by just trying.

BreeaBreea is an incoming Junior at Indianapolis University Purdue University in downtown Indianapolis. She is studying Health Science with a minor in health education. Breea hopes to be able to work with children in her career and focus on the importance of personal health and a positive community. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree she has plans to attend graduate school and to become a Certified Occupational Therapist and to work with children who have been involved in traumatic situations. Breea is thankful for the opportunity the Peace Learning Center has provided her and she hopes to continue building her networking as the Summer comes to an end.