By being responsive to children’s social and emotional needs, we set up students for academic success as well as help create peaceful, just learning environments.   Under the umbrella of Restorative Practices, Peace Learning Center is supporting schools to do just that.

Through our One Indy initiative, Peace Learning Center serves students, teachers and parents by providing in-class protective factor and resilience building workshops and implementing restorative practices school-wide. We are working at the ground level with schools to propel forward the paradigm shift from punitive, exclusionary discipline to positive and inclusive and restorative approaches.  This gives schools tangible alternatives to suspension as well as tools to address their school’s disproportionality in suspension and expulsion.

In addition, Family Enrichment Workshops are made available to all students and their families. Our Youth Program Director, Restorative Practices Director, Family Programs Director and Youth Development Facilitators lead schools through this process by providing support, coaching, and in-class/school/PLC sessions around Restorative Practices and Social Emotional Learning.

Through the One Indy initiative, schools receive skills-based lessons to address the issues that are causing the most conflict among and between students and teachers and will allow us to utilize misbehavior as an opportunity for learning, growth, and reconnecting to the school community.

Program Components for One Indy Schools:

  • 125+ Proactive Circles, Restorative Conferences and/or Circles as an alternative to suspension and other exclusionary practices
  • Modeling/visioning with administration/discipline team on building out sustainable practices, building in-school capacity
  • Peers Making Peace, peer mediation program: 8-12 hours of student and teacher training in Peers Making Peace
  • 8-16 hours of Professional Development for all staff members (4 hours before school starts or by the end of the first month of school); PD sessions include Restorative Practices, Implicit Bias, and Trauma
  • Interactive theater sessions provided by our program partner ACT OUT Theater Ensemble
  • Ongoing assistance in restorative practices implementation
  • Family Enrichment Workshops made available to students and families at partner schools. This intensive, strengths-based family program is designed to improve each family member’s communication skills and build stronger family bonds.
  • Field trips to Peace Learning Center for each grade level
  • Field trip to youth empowerment events held by PLC
  • One to two full school days, most weeks, with a trained Youth Development Facilitator for most of the school year.
  • In-class Peace Programming; ten sessions of skill-based social-emotional learning for students with teacher guides (for preschool through 2nd-grade students)
  • Calm Kits for each classroom and behavior team to assist calming children out of stresses when in fight, flight, freeze.

Peace Learning Center’s One Indy initiative works toward the following goals:

Goal #1: Improved student behavior

Outcome #1: Teachers and/or students will report 60% improvement in positive peer interactions after the program is completed among youth served.

Outcome #2: 75% of teachers whose students were served will report an improvement in their social-emotional learning skills of self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, and maintaining healthy relationships.

Goal #2: Increase student protective factors

Outcome #3: 70% of students served will report an improvement in their ability to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner.

Outcome #4: 50% of parents who have participated in Connect and Communicate for at least 6 months will report an improvement in communication in their family.

Goal #3: Positive School Climate

Outcome #5: 90% of peer mediations will end in agreement

Outcome #6: Decrease in number of suspensions/expulsions through the use of Restorative Conferencing

2017-2018 Evaluation Results


75% of teachers will report an increase in students' skill of self-awareness.


89% of teachers reported an increase in student’s skill of self-awareness.


75% of teachers will report an increase in students' skill of self-regulation.


57% of teachers reported an increase in students’ skill of self-regulation.

Social Awareness

75% of teachers will report an increase in students' skill of social awareness.

Social Awareness

74% of teachers reported an increase in students’ skill of social awareness.

Healthy Relationships

75% of teachers will report an increase in students' skill of maintaining healthy relationships.

Healthy Relationships

77% of teachers reported an increase in students’ skill of maintaining healthy relationships.

Responsible Decision-making

75% of teachers will report an increase in students' skill of responsible decision-making.

Responsible Decision-making

72% of teachers reported an increase in students’ skill of responsible decision making.

Interested in becoming a One Indy School?  Here’s how:

This year we are requiring principals of schools who are interested in becoming a One Indy School to participate in a full day Restorative Practices Level 1 Training. Principals will then be able to understand if the One Indy Program is the right fit for their school. 

Here is what to expect on the application:

  • Is this your first year with One Indy or renewal?
  • Is your school located in a beat zone*?
  • How did you hear about One Indy Program?
  • Please share why you would like to be a One Indy School and how you see Peace Learning Center being a part of your school.
  • Each One Indy school receives up to 16 hours of Professional Development.  You will need to schedule at least 4 hours for your staff for a Peace Learning Center lead Professional Development before school starts (or within the first month of school).  Please list dates/times on when you would like to schedule.
  • Partnership fee $5000-$55,000; we work with each school on cost (do not let cost deter you)
  • Principals of One Indy Schools must attend Restorative Practices Level 1 Training before signing onto becoming a One Indy School to ensure One Indy program is a fit for the school
  • One Indy Program schools are study schools where the intent is a mind shift of disciplinary practices from punitive to supportive discipline

* IMPDs Beat Zones can be found here.

Apply for One Indy

2019-2020 One  Indy Timeline  

Restorative Practices Level 1 Trainings: April 9, April 24, or May 2 (all 9:30-4:30)

Application for becoming a One Indy School for 2019-20 school year: May 17, 2019

Announcement of One Indy Schools for 2019-2020 school year: June 3, 2019

Contact Natalie Spriggs with questions.

2018-2019 One Indy School partners:

IPS 49 William Penn School – Year 1 School

IPS 19 Frederick Douglass Super School – Year 2 School

IPS 47 Edison School of the Arts – Year 2 School

IPS 94 George Buck – Year 1 School

IPS 82 Christian Park – Year 2 School

IPS 107 Lew Wallace – Year 3 School