Jeanne Gibbs has spent her professional career synthesizing a wide-range of literature and research that supports the ecology of human development and learning… the wholeness of children and youth in the fullness of their strengths, gifts and humanity. Her perspective entails a systems approach that engages the entire school community in continuous active learning, reflection and relevant change.  The developmental culture and educational process is known throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and many other countries as “Tribes” – Tribes Learning Communities.  Jeanne is convinced that well being and success for students is not a result of curriculum, instruction and assessment – nor of intelligence – but the result of an educational system finally focusing on the whole human development of its students in all aspects of their individual uniqueness and brilliance. The vision takes on reality whenever a school system, above all else, actively focuses on creating and sustaining a caring and challenging culture in which students truly are able to discover themselves and succeed.

Jeanne supervised implementations of the community learning process throughout hundreds of schools and youth-serving agencies for many years while managing a non-profit corporation, which she had founded. Though serving as the executive director, she continued to research, refine and author publications – until her first formal retirement. Since then, Jeanne has retired many times – none of which last long due to her to passionate purpose. Ever-growing requests for professional development and quality materials from schools throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries led her to establish CenterSource Systems LLC, in 1995 as “the home of Tribes.”  It is no surprise that people across many countries know Jeanne for her warm and generous spirit… and the ability to build community and inclusion for all… wherever she goes.