About the Course

During the Peace Learning Circles Trainer Certification (PLCTC) course, participants will learn essential facilitation skills through direct instruction and experiential learning. Participants will leave the workshop with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to train other educators and youth workers.

Your Investment

  • Cost of registration (starting at $750.00/person)

  • Up to 30 hours of live training on Zoom (or 24 hours in person)

  • Time devoted to independent reading, reflection, and practice

  • Commitment to serving your school/out-of-school program or your region

  • Prior experience with implementing and facilitating Peace Learning Circles (formerly Tribes) in your school/program

What You Receive

  • Physical and digital resources that support and extend your learning

  • Indefinite access to a digital resource folder

  • Discount codes for bulk orders of Peace Learning Circles materials

  • Complementary early access to revised strategies and book chapters (digital)

  • Training that is based on timely research and current best and promising practices

Frequently Asked Questions

If you order a book (physical or digital), it will be a current edition of Reaching All…, Discovering Gifts…, and/or Engaging All…. For this reason, we also offer the option for registrants to save money by using copies they already have in their possession. We do not require participants to purchase a copy of the book. However, you must have access to the materials to complete the course.

Yes, we will continue using existing implementation guides for the foreseeable future! As a non-profit focused on accountability and sustainability, we feel it’s essential to avoid creating unnecessary waste. Furthermore, the current editions contain a wealth of information that can be easily supplemented with more timely digital resources. 

Our plan of action is to continue using current editions of all Tribes books until our stock is fully depleted. Concurrently, we will be working towards a digital publication of revised editions. We will begin physically publishing the revised books as we come up on the “retirement” of previous editions. 

With the current state of the world (economically and logistically), we know that the path to publication may present unexpected challenges. To minimize the impact this has on our community, Regional Trainers will have access to revised materials via the trainer folder (hosted on a secure Google Drive) that we share upon completion of the certification course. Sections of the revised editions will be shared on a rolling basis to ensure the quality of resources shared remains high without overwhelming our small but dedicated team.

We’ve resumed in-person facilitation of all our programs in our local community (central Indiana) with hopes of expanding in-person opportunities elsewhere by 2024. 

We have no requirement for regional trainers to facilitate online. Once certified, you are welcome to offer in-person training.

In full transparency, early plans for the course included a registration cost that exceeded $1,000. Our team revisited this issue and identified ways of reducing costs without sacrificing quality. The $750 base cost currently listed is the result of several team conversations on the matter and lots of number crunching.

Since you will have access to revised materials that are otherwise unpublished, our organization is not willing or able to go any lower on the listed price. However, our team is open to discussing what it might look like to discount fees for those who register teams of 10 or more (or who reach out for a private Trainer Certification course for groups of 20 or more). The Director of Social Emotional Learning is also working with our financial and administrative team to establish discounts on materials you purchase as trainers.

Yes! You will receive a certificate/written record of your training and a number that reflects your current certification at the end of the course. We will also be launching an online directory where trainers can view their certification information and opt-in to having their contact information shared with schools/organizations in their region that are seeking in-person or more localized training.

At this time, certified trainers are only expected to pay for their certification and any materials they purchase for regional training courses. However, we cannot say with certainty how that will look in 2024 and beyond. This is an ongoing conversation in our organization.

Our current agreement with trainers is that, in exchange for waiving the CenterSource fee, the price for courses they host cannot exceed their facilitation costs (i.e., materials, training space, travel, etc.). However, only trainers receiving compensation from their school/organization have come to us for permission to host courses since 2020.

We understand that it may be necessary for “unaffiliated” trainers to charge fees that result in some form of profit. Please reach out to our team directly if this is a matter of concern for you.

We will host course meetings on Zoom, and materials will be hosted on Google Drive. The Director of Social Emotional Learning is also researching alternative file hosting options that we can accommodate participants who live and work in parts of the world where Google Drive is not easily accessible.

Summer 2023

The Summer 2023 course will be hosted in person. It is only open to educators and non-profit workers who are employed within the state of Indiana.

Invitations to register for the Summer 2023 course will be emailed in May 2023. Any remaining seats will be open to Indiana educators and youth workers in June 2023.