IMG_0445Walking a labyrinth is said to help people become more centered, in this Focus 2020 Project, Lisa Boyles hoped to bring that same sense of peace to her local neighborhood.  While most labyrinths in Indianapolis are located on the properties of churches and religious organizations, Rivoli Park Labyrinth can be found in the middle of an urban neighborhood.  By transforming the vacant lot next to her house, Lisa and a group of volunteers were able to create a community park that both welcomes and inspires.  Featuring artwork from local artists and handcrafted accents around its brick exterior, the park showcases the creativity of the community. Lisa found putting a space for reflection in an area less than a block away from gang activity would provide hope for the neighborhood and have a positive impact on those who visit.

The labyrinth has become a center for activity and created unity through events such as World Labyrinth Day, in which people across the globe walk labyrinths at 1pm to symbolically “walk as one”.  Through both the actual building of the labyrinth and the individuals who come to visit it, Rivoli Park Labyrinth has built relationships between neighbors and connected other Focus 2020 grant recipients and nonprofits in the area.  While labyrinths are often thought of as solitary spaces, Lisa takes pride in her labyrinth for being able to bring people together. She has even created a log book where guests are welcome to share their personal reflections about their experiences walking the labyrinth.  In the upcoming year, she hopes to add more artwork and possibly receive a grant from Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to help with landscaping.  In October, she plans on participating in another service opportunity on Indy Do Day.  Lisa said, “The Rivoli Park Labyrinth was born during this city-wide volunteer event and I would like to continue that tradition.”  With this labyrinth and the connections formed during its creation, Lisa hopes the project will allow all those who walks it path to find peace and solace.


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