Adolescents At School

Adolescents At School

Adolescents At School

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"This practical and readable book is an incredibly valuable addition to any educator's library. It should be required reading at our college and university schools of education. Sadowski has edited an excellent resource that will help teachers, administrators, counselors, and parents serve our young people better."

-Bob Chase, President of the National Education Association, 1996-2002

"Adolescents at School is an extraordinary collection. I had a hard time putting it down. Each of these essays digs deeply and thoughtfully into a subject so vital to us all, with exactly the right balance between the personal, the anecdotal, and the research data. Every chapter is a 'critical' read, with a powerful cumulative impact. This book will be central to staff and family discussions at schools everywhere."

-Deborah Meier, Co-Principal, Mission Hill School, Boston, Massachusetts and author of In Schools We Trust and The Power of Their Ideas.

"I wish every teacher, every parent, every person who works with adolescents would read this book. Insightful and informative, Adolescents at School combines wisdom gained through research and practice with the voices of young people to help us better understand the adolescents with whom we work. Adolescents at School belongs in every school."

-Michele Forman, National Teacher of the Year, 2001