Student Journal - Teacher Manual

Student Journal - Teacher Manual

Student Journal - Teacher Manual

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Manufacturer: Peace Learning Center
  • Description

The student journal is based on social emotional learning and the Tribes TLC® process. These pages have been carefully constructed to help your students explore:

~Special ways they learn

~How they relate to others

~Their interests, skills, talents or gifts

~What is happening for them now

~Setting goals for now and their future

The journal is appropriate for students aged 10 – 15 and was developed with the intention of using it at least twice a week. It was designed to support what you learned in your 24-hour Tribes TLC® training or the Middle School Tribes TLC® training. To use this journal without the Tribes training background could be a challenging experience.

The student journal focuses on several essential Tribes components: group development process, agreements, collaborative skills, resiliency, and (from the middle school training) tasks of adolescence and discovering gifts.

This teacher manual is designed to accompany the student journal. In fact, the student pages are laid out next to each teacher page.

Why Social Emotional Learning?

"There is solid evidence that… classroom and school interventions that make the learning environment safer, more caring, better managed, more participatory, and that enhance students' social competence, have been shown to increase student attachment to school. Students who are more engaged and attached to school have better
attendance and higher graduation rates, as well as higher grades and standardized tests scores…. SEL instruction provides students with basic skills, such as good decision making and refusal skills, which enable them to
successfully avoid engaging in high-risk behaviors, and to participate in behaviors that support their positive