The Digital Classroom

The Digital Classroom

The Digital Classroom

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Digital technologies are reshaping the way education is practiced, raising many questions: How can we better prepare teachers for the challenges of high-tech classrooms? How can educators tap into the vast resources of the Internet to enhance curriculum? What can be done to close the "digital divide?"

This special report from the Harvard Education Letter features new articles and essays that address these questions and discuss the rewards and challenges of integrating technology into schools. Topics include professional development, equity issues, building a technology program, distance learning, girls and computers, special needs, using technology to teach science, math, reading, and writing, and much more. The Digital Classroom also includes short editorials by technology experts, educators, and cultural critics about the role and impact of technology in schools.

The Digital Classroom includes more than 25 articles, such as:

* Howard Gardner on Technology And Multiple Intelligences Theory

* Myths and Realities about Technology in K-12 Education

* The Real Digital Divide: Quality not Quantity

* Distance Learning: All the World's a Classroom

* New Independence for Special Needs Students

* Training Teachers for the High-Tech Classroom

* Venturing Online to Teach and Learn Science

* The Promise of Web-Based Resources for Humanities Learning

* Global Schoolhouse: Connecting Students Across Cultures

* Dangers and Wonders of Wired Learning