The Learning Leader

The Learning Leader

The Learning Leader

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Is your school leading, learning, lucky, or losing? Acclaimed author and consultant Douglas Reeves helps you answer that question and discover the leadership actions that will lead your organization to higher student achievement.

Drawing from research studies and observations from successful schools, Reeves debunks many common myths about school leadership and offers more reliable leadership guideposts to steer by:

* Why focusing on results only can lead to misperceptions about your school's true performance

* How to use a Leadership for Learning Framework to relate leadership actions to school success

* Which "sacred" education practices may need to be sacrificed for improvement to occur

* How to use leadership maps to chart the effectiveness of improvement efforts and plan next steps

Leadership tips crammed throughout the book include
* Seven leadership dimensions that are essential to successful organizations

* Five criteria of schools that improve achievement and close equity gaps

* Six common routines that need to be "weeded" from schools in order for learning to flourish