Do you remember an experience as a summer camper? A place where you could build community, develop a sense of adventure, and have memories that inspire you the most, all of which you enjoyed outdoors? (Which we all certainly need more of these days!) For many, camp is a chance to grow, learn, and develop into a more confident version of yourself and we are thankful to continue our summer camps to do just that.

At Peace Learning Center we are thankful to continue our Summer Camps to develop Peacebuilders,  Social Justice Leaders, and Climate Activists. Our camps help children and youth of all ages develop skills to grow themselves as leaders through team building in interactive and creative experiential learning opportunities. 

This last year we were not able to offer our camps, so the need for campers to experience these opportunities is very important! A gift of $5 will allow one student to attend one day of our camps. For a gift of $200 an entire day of our camp is possible for a whole group! 

Lessons our youth learn include:

  • Communities and Working Together
  • Self-Esteem and Personal Power
  • Stress and My Brain
  • Communication and Listening
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Responsibility/ Choices and Consequences
  • Restorative Practices
  • Bullying Prevention and Empathy
  • Acceptance and Inclusion
  • Social Problem Solving
  • Peer Pressure
  • Persistence and Protective Factors
  • Hope and Purpose
  • be the change- How I can improve the world around me!

Through your generous donations, we can ensure that the children who want to go to Camp in 2021 can and take the steps to develop their social-emotional skills and make their own memories of camp!

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