17 03, 2015

The Mindful Path – Seeing the World Around You

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Hello from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! This is my last post this quarter where personal mindfulness is the broad topic. As the weather has been improving, so have my spirits. I’ve been getting outdoors more and enjoying the sunshine as the snow has melted. Last weekend, my husband and I took our cameras on a trek to Fountain Square in Indianapolis. If you live in the area, it’s worth a trip to enjoy all the interesting things going on there. There’s a little bit of everything. Above is one of my favorite shots that I took. Walking about with our cameras, we started with the simple shots - an interesting manhole cover, some beautiful trim around a door frame, figures around a fountain in a forever pose. The fine details came into view and were captured in the camera viewfinder. I began to notice more and more small things. Some glitter and shiny metallic shapes had been strewn across the sidewalk. I got down on my knees to try and get just the right shot to capture their sparkles against the matte texture of the sidewalk. We wandered away from the retail shops and restaurants, and walked through some alleys off the side streets. Suddenly, a whole gallery of graffiti art and whimsical creatures emerged. It was even more beautiful because it was so unexpected. We kept walking and found more and more art that we would never have seen

9 09, 2014

The Mindful Path – Continuous Partial Attention

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Hello again from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! Here in this blog, The Mindful Path, I share with you what I find on my journey to mindfulness. This week, let’s explore the Institute for Mindful Leadership at https://instituteformindfulleadership.org/. At this site, you’ll find a wealth of resources to learn more about the importance of mindfulness for leaders, and about how to become more mindful. Here is a link to the article “Finding the Space to Lead” on the Institute for Mindful Leadership site: https://ow.ly/BfZ3c The article was originally in the February 2014 issue of Mindful magazine (for many resources from this publication, go to https://www.mindful.org/). A sidebar quote in the article made me stop and reflect: “The work of developing leadership presence through mindfulness begins by recognizing how much time we spend in a mental state that has come to be called continuous partial attention.” I had to think about this because I can be far too busy trying to juggle things yet not effectively accomplishing very much. Ouch! Through that continuous partial attention, I can take in bits and pieces, yet not truly focus so that I can appreciate the whole. This can hamper my ability to manage the team of employees that reports to me in my job. I can end up feeling frazzled and frantic. It just doesn’t work. Knowing myself, I’ll benefit from getting into a routine of deliberate action. I want to start each week with

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