Learning Your Conflict Style

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Has anyone ever told you, "When I first met you, I thought you were a real jerk!"? Most people don't "click" right away. It often take months, or even years, before we are able to understand another person's personality and conflict style. This lack of understanding results in people butting heads - which is especially problematic when they are on the same team! Through our PLC Community Programs, we accelerate this learning process from months/years to only a couple of hours by helping team members better understand their own personalities and conflict styles while also gaining insight into the personality and conflict styles of their team members. While we can't guarantee everyone will like each other, at least they'll know how to work with each other better to accomplish their team goals. During our workshops we utilize a customized Conflict Style tool to assess and reveal each participant's conflict style. The team then has the opportunity to share and discuss their findings. While this activity is best done in a group, it is still beneficial to take some time to discover your own conflict style. Click here to take a short online quiz to learn more about how you resolve conflicts. Interested in learning more about PLC can help your team become more effective by accelerating the understanding process? Email John McShane, Community Programs Director, at jmcshane@peacelearningcenter.org or give him a call at 317-327-7144. You can also visit our website