Family Programs

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FAMILY PROGRAMS "If I am in harmony with my family, that is success. Ute People home affairs are not talked about in the public. Yoruba People a family tie is like a mighty tree, it can bend but it cannot break." - Akan People What molds us more than our family? Who comforts us more?  What teaches and directs us more than family?   And who, in the best of cases, loves, nourishes and protects us more than our family? Family is our identity that stamps itself upon our very core. It's how we act, react, talk, cook, dress, worship, laugh, work, see life, and see ourselves. When a baby is born. The elders check the child out and try to figure who he or she looks like in the family. A few years into the development of the child, we hear from the elders again. "She acts just like Loretta!" Hopefully, Loretta was an ethical person. Or, "He has ways just like your Uncle Robert. I bet he turns out to be a good fisherman too." We are them and they are us. But what to do when our family really isn't a version of the idealistic "Huxtables," or "The Cleavers?" When the mother can't stay home to cook and do laundry wearing high heels and a strand of pearls? Oh, and the lace embroidered apron?  And when the father doesn't come home every day at the same time -