16 01, 2015

Reflections on MLK’s life and legacy

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Tim Nation, Executive Director and Cofounder of Peace Learning Center While we reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King's life and legacy, 2014 will stand as a watershed year for a civil rights awakening that is both sad and hopeful. Sad because racial disparities continue to rise despite Dr. King's call for all people to come together understanding we are all one human family - children of God.  Schools, child services, police and courts continue to suspend, expel, remove from their homes and punish people of color disproportionately by ranges from 200% to even 1200% more than white people. Police action shootings and recent grand jury decisions bring attention to these disparities sparking a younger generation to wake up to these injustices realizing they could no longer say we are in a post racial society and that the civil rights movement was their parents’ and grandparents' fight. Hopeful because many people recognize we must address these problems.  Our institutions are reflections of our history and cultural so we must know how we got to this place to be able to change things. Fear is a powerful force.  Our country's dark history of slavery used fear as an economic tool.  Imagine the mindset of slave-holding plantation owners - every night wondering if their prisoners would rise up at night and overpower them. Worried that their slaves would flee, the myth of the runaway dangerous slave who would rape white women

26 08, 2014

International Art

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The Indianapolis International Festival offers the public an opportunity to experience different cultures and learn more about various ethnic traditions. This past November, the Indianapolis Art Center invited those who attended the festival to see the world through an artistic lens.  After being a judge at the International Festival, Kat Toebes recognized not only a need to meet and serve diverse communities, but also for these communities to have access to free art activities while at the festival. With support from a Focus 2020 grant, an Indianapolis Art Center booth was created to offer 3 different activities for children of all ages.  The first activity featured cultural paper dolls where kids were welcome to dress artists in international clothing and learn a little bit about the culture as they rearranged the magnetic outfits.  Another side of the booth went along with the “Heroes and Heroines” theme of the festival and featured inspirational people from around the world such as Malala and the Dalai Lama.  Each hero or heroine was then printed as half of a portrait so that children could finish drawing the other half and read more about that person’s life on the back of the page. The final and most successful part of the booth was the art of making paper cranes.  The festival also had a focus this year on Asia so the kids were very excited to learn more about the story of Sadako and her paper

25 03, 2014

Creating a Culture of Peace – a Focus 2020 Workshop

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Focus 2020 Workshop: Creating a Culture of Peace Description: Participants will learn and practice advanced techniques of conflict de-escalation, dialogue, and communication skills and how to use those skills to build a more peaceful community. Participants will design strategies for applying these skills in their homes, workplaces, and communities. The workshop is free to attend, but registration is required. Please click here to register. Or, to see a list of other upcoming Focus 2020 workshops and learn more about the initiative, visit www.infocus2020.org/home/workshops/  

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