16 07, 2018

June Donor Thank You

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Join us in thanking our June donors: Bernard & Teresa Batto Jill Curtis David & Sabrina Falls R. J. Gibson Harriett Ivey Tricia O'Neil Amy Stewart Erin Tanner Dr. James & Linda Trippi

21 06, 2018

May Donor Thank You

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Join us in thanking our May donors: Lauren Arant Christine Cleary Mr. Dawson & Ms. Guyette Sara DeBono Anna Christ-Garcia Joanna Green Amy Stewart Erin Tanner

20 03, 2018

Social Justice Leadership Camp

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by Clare Wildhack-Nolan, Director of Social Justice Leadership Camp Register for our 2023 Social Justice Leadership Camp For the past 5 years, March has been the exciting time of year where I begin sharing with the community the opportunity for Indy teens to participate in Social Justice Leadership Camp.  It feels amazing to be able to offer teens the kind of experience that I wished I had had when I was their age. As a teenager in Indianapolis, who already had strong values around human rights and the environment, I was in a constant state of learning and critically analyzing the hypocrisy I felt the adult world dished out. My identity and search for friendships and mentors was tied to my desire to address the pain in the world. Unfortunately, there was not a lot to choose from. Indianapolis was very segregated then as it is now, and I only knew the opportunity my small section offered, and only had those conversations with my classmates and a close knit group of friends. It would have been amazing to have a diverse group of teens from across the city to meet with and hear their perspectives. It would have been amazing to connect with adults who could listen and understand, and encourage me, complicating and connecting the information and experience I was grappling with. In those formative years, it would have been amazing to connect with people who I wouldn't

20 03, 2018

February Donor Thank You

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Join us in thanking our February donors: Kathleen Cleary Anna Christ Garcia Joanna Green Cynthia D. McMillin Barbara Oberreich Stacy Robinson Jeanne M. Smucker Amy Stewart Erin Tanner

23 01, 2018

End of Year Appeal Thank You

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Join us in thanking our End-of-Year Appeal donors: Michael Goldfarb David Burr Dr. James and Linda Trippi Roderick Wheeler Nancy Lindhjem Katherine B. Marvell & Cornelius S. Martin William & Sarah Littlejohn Andrew J. Pike & Sharon D. Horvath R. J. Gibson Brian & Kenda Friend Karen L. Schneider Michael & Kimberly Cline James F. & Carol Clark Donahue Chand & Kathleen Miller Charlotte A. Lemieux Ian McIntosh Culver C. & Carolyn K. Godfrey, Jr. Stacy Robinson Sarah Haas Judy Donner Jane & John Westermeier Jenny Schulz Mary Tanner Keum Cobb Christopher & Lisa Murphy Lynn Cohee David Mason Jack Hill Sam Carman Saul Helman Erin Tanner Worth & Angela Hartman Dennis Ray Kinder Thomas Edward & Mary Ellen Brown Norbert A. & Katherine A. Krapf W & M Bradbury Marilyn J. Smith & Andrew J. McSheffery Jerald W. King Maten G. & Mary C. Gerdenich Richard Long Penny Sydney Rosethall Lisa A. Marchal Joyce E. Bowman Robert D. & Taffy A. Green Robert G. Bringle Arlene Coleman Fred & Nancy Nation Charles A. Wiles Kendall & Katherine Millard Ned A. Geiser & Marie M. Harnish

17 10, 2017

October Donor Thank You

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Join us in thanking our October donors:   Raquel Richardson Paul Nesting Erin Tanner Stacy Robinson Amy Stewart Melissa Rowe Angela Hayes Sarah Haas Janie & John Westermeier Barbara Townsend Allison Kellum

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