14 11, 2014

Floor Make-over

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Our be the change exhibit area is nearly finished and it's looking amazing thanks to hard work from many dedicated people! It's went from a wet, gross, and unusable basement area to a cool, modern place that inspires everyone to learn how they can make the planet a better place for all of us by making small changes in their daily lives. Check-out our most recent floor make-over which was made possible by eco-friendly paint donated by Ecos Paint and the hard work of many volunteers: [SlideDeck2 id=2794]

29 08, 2014


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Did you know that the fumes given off by many paints are linked to asthma, allergies, cancer and a handful of environmental issues? Thankfully there are companies like Ecos Paints who have created quality products, while still being committed to their customers health and the environment! What's even cooler?! They have donated the supplies for us to finish the floor in "be the change"!!! Pictures of the amazing floor transformation will be posted soon! Learn more about this awesome company here: www.ecospaints.net

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