The Mindful Path – Intentional Exploration

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Hello again from guest blogger, Lisa Robinson! I’m back this week to share some ideas with you about what I’m learning through my ongoing mindfulness journey. In the October issue of Mindful magazine, Jeremy Hunter’s article “The Scary, Winding Road Through Change” is a great reminder that transitions result from changes. After a change, something ends and moving into a new normal happens through transition. Even though a change can be happy, leaving behind what had become our comfort zone can still be very difficult. Hunter suggests that growing after a change happens results from engaging in “intentional exploration.” When I saw that term, it reminded me of challenging times in my past in my tumultuous twenties and troublesome thirties. More than once, I found it necessary to reinvent some essential part of who I was. This time for me was marked by deliberately trying new things, even when it really felt uncomfortable. Today, upon reflection, I see that my growth, although not always easy, came from enhancing my awareness of what could be possible in my life. This absolutely speaks to choosing mindfulness. A favorite resource I found years ago is the wonderful book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. In this video clip, she talks about going on a weekly Artist’s Date that involves gently pushing boundaries to explore something of interest: I invite you to consider how the intentional exploration of taking yourself on an Artist’s