10 08, 2016

Lego Listening

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Leah: My role in Lego Listening was the listener. Sitting back to back with my partner, I had to listen to her describe what her lego creation looked like. No questions were to be asked by me, so I was completely in the dark. I could only rely on her descriptions to lead the way. In my mind, putting the legos together didn't seem like it would be a hard task, but it proved a lot more difficult than I expected. I kept thinking in my head, "This can't be right; I know it doesn't look like this". By the time the facilitator took the legos from my hands to show my partner, I was so confused by what it was supposed to look like. My partner was allowed to look at the legos to see where I was wrong, and we started over from the beginning. The second time around I was able to ask questions to get clarification. I asked detailed questions about each individual lego I was adding to my lego set. At first, I was still confused from the first round, but being able to ask questions made it so much easier.  When I was able to get clarification from my partner through our communicate together, our lego structures looked more similar than the previous try. I noticed I was trying to guess where the pieces went before she was done describing it in the first round, which could've

18 07, 2016

Motivational Monday

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Many times, people get too caught up in trying to save everyone by donating to as many organizations as possible or volunteering every chance they get.  This is admirable, no doubt, but people often become discouraged by the lack of results.  On larger scales, like world hunger, it's improbable to see an immediate change. It's easy to forget it's not about how big the impact you make is, but it's about the people you impact.  It's not a matter of quantity.  Look at the small circle of people  you interact with.  Maybe they are not in a severe conditions, but you still inspire those around you.  Whether you know it or not, you are probably looked up to.  Changing the world can be as simple as leading by example for the person standing beside you.  Changing the world can be as simple as going out of your way to hold the door for the person in front of you.  Changing the world can be as simple as feeding good energy into a conversation currently controlled by anger. Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."  He wanted peaceful protests, not violence; he exemplified that to the very end. When we lead by example, we end up putting a little good back into the world at the same time.  In my own heart, I want to help people, I want people to know they are loved, I want

13 07, 2016

From the Intern

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In the midst of changing the world for the better and inspiring others, I think many of us forget about one of the most important types of love: self love. Loving yourself is so important. Who better to have in your corner than you?  Naturally, you'll always want to improve upon yourself, have those "I shouldn't have done that," memories, and have those tiny pieces of yourself you want to nitpick.  But in loving yourself, you accept yourself, your whole self for who you are. You accept each part of you and know every part of your life has led you to this point.  You forgive yourself for those decisions you maybe wish you could take back.  You acknowledge the lessons you learned from those choices.  You grow from it.  If you haven't yet, you still have time.  You are still here, you are in the now, you are still in the works. At my age, I know I don't have it together. I'm okay with that.  I have come to terms with this whole thing (school, family life, relationships, friendships, work, etc.) constantly being a journey.  It is constantly changing, and some is for the worst while some is for the better.  I have accepted my lack of control over certain situations, but I choose to be as proactive as I can be in the parts of my life I can control.  Not every bit goes as planned, some

20 06, 2016

Motivational Monday

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Dignity is another one of the values we hold at Peace Learning Center. Again, turning to Merriam-Webster for a definition, it reads, "the quality of being worthy of honor or respect."  Like respect, we can decide to give ourselves our own dignity.   We decide we are worthwhile, we decide we are worth honor, we decide we are worth respect.  Allowing yourself dignity leads to knowing you are worth the world.  Every person on this earth deserves to think they are the bees knees.  It's important to always be your own cheerleader because you're worth it all. I think dignity goes along with self-love.  Look around, there's a million ways to "improve" your looks. There's a website for every which way to better yourself, but in all these ways, you are who you are.  At the end of the day, it's you and yourself.  Regardless of what you look like, or how you act, you should be happy with yourself.  I know I'm not the funniest person in the world, but I think my jokes are great.  I'll provide my own laughter after a punchline. Sometimes I would not mind being a few inches taller, but I also dig my shortness for group photos. At the end of the day, I find peace with myself and I love myself. I say self-love, but I don't mean to become a narcissist and declare yourself higher than anyone else.  When you learn to love yourself and realize

14 06, 2016

From the Intern: Orlando

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This past weekend, one that should have been full of love and celebration, was quickly brought to an end as we lost the lives of so many beautiful people.  Our hearts go out to each of the fifty families, who are suffering the loss of their loved ones.  Our hearts go out to the LGBTQ community around the world, who now question their safety in places they should feel welcome.  Our hearts go out to those who fear to be themselves. In my heart there is anger for those doing harm to others.  I find it unbearable to think people can do these actions and still be at peace with themselves.  I know there are prayers, good thoughts and hopes across the world. But there is action to be taken as well. There is a change to be done.  I've learned the values of the Peace Learning Center, and I find it most appropriate that their goal is help the community, help the city and through progression, the world.  By establishing respect, dignity and embracing all differences, similarities and experiences peace may be achieved in our homes, our lives, our communities. This tragedy that took too many lives and hurt too many people isn't just an issue about gun control. It's not just about the gunman and his race. It's not just about any one thing because it is about many things affecting our world today. But, this incident is about the power of hatred. Hatred

13 06, 2016

Motivational Monday

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One of the values we hold at the Peace Learning Center is respect. Respect is defined by Merriam-Webster as, "understanding that someone or something is important, and should be treated in an appropriate way." When we respect ourselves, we decide we deserve to be treated well. We decide we deserve to be treated kindly. When we respect ourselves, we also acknowledge the way we would like be treated. Not everyone will give you the respect you deserve, but there's nothing stopping you from giving others respect. Although perspectives differ, backgrounds vary, and not every opinion is agreeable, everyone deserves to be given respect. You do not have to agree with every opinion you hear, but you also do not have to start an argument over it. When you give someone respect, you're giving them space to voice their opinions. Nobody should have to keep their voice down. Your voice is a part of who you are, your voice allows you to convey who you are, and nobody should ever be deprived of being true to him/herself. When you give someone respect, you give them a platform for confidence.  It can give someone the confidence he/she did not have before; the confidence to say what is on their mind, the confidence to do what is right or even the confidence to openly give someone else respect. Here at the Peace Learning Center we encourage respect, we help to build the platform

9 06, 2016

From the Intern: A New Fiscal Year

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As the Marketing and Communications Intern, I'm able to participate in the business side of the nonprofit, peacemaking organization.  With this, I'm helping to create the Annual Report for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year. Reviewing the year's activities and events, I'm sincerely blown away at how much this empowering group of people are doing.  They are all working together to better lives and improve the minds of youth and families. I included a picture I took on my first day of the door leading to the stairs where the kids learn about meditation. I love the simplicity and pureness of the statements. "Peace be with you."  It's a greeting, it's a farewell, it's a kind command. Peace be with you. Nothing is stopping serenity from easing your mind.  Letting peace happen is a choice. It's mind over matter, and knowing when to stop worrying.  It's allowing yourself to hold a kind mindset.  You can't always come into a peaceful situation, but I'm learning how you can take the steps necessary to have a more peaceful life. I have been exploring the numerous ways in which the organization works to facilitate their different programs  to achieve a mindful lifestyle.  Today a church group came to participate in a day of peace building.  One of PLC's partners is Act Out.  Actors  act out a particular scenario, and they allow the visiting group to say what should happen, what should be done, or what could have been done.

7 06, 2016

From the Intern

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My name is Arianna Cruz. I'll be the Marketing and Communications Intern at the Peace Learning Center this summer. Throughout my time here, I'll be sharing my experiences and new memories with each of you. Starting with my first day at the Peace Learning Center, my eyes were quickly opened to the change taking place in Indianapolis. Turning into the park immediately set my mind at ease. The morning dew was still glistening in the grass, morning joggers sprinkled the trails along the road, and the morning birds waking everyone up. I walked into my new workhome for the summer, a little nervous but more than excited to learn. My main purpose at this internship will be learning the ins and outs of how a nonprofit manages their in-house marketing and how the business incorporates the skills of communications. However, with the Peace Learning Center, I'm also on my way to understanding how change starts with a person and the unlimited ways anyone can contribute to the cause. It's not just about teaching young adults, kids, or adults how to better themselves. The facilitators encourage a kind mindset not only to help a person individually, but they show how a positive attitude in one life will lead to a positive change in the world around them. I strongly believe in leading by example, and on my first day here, I've already observed so much drive, so much heart,

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